Adding length & density to your hair is easy with our wide range of extension applications. Our extension specialists offer a wide range of textures, lengths, and color options. Schedule your consultation today to receive a quote. 


hair extension installation in ellicott city, marylaNd

Individual extensions installed with a small bead using a hot fusion technique. Maintenance is minimal with a complete removal and re-application of new hair required every four to six months. 


I-Tip Installation

Individual extensions installed with a hot fusion technique. Long lasting & minimal maintenance.


keratin Tips

Hair wefts sewn in using a customized method. This method lays flat to the scalp and allows for maximum coverage. 


Volume Wefts

When selecting the perfect type of hair extensions, it's important to consider not only style and look but also the maintenance commitment and lifestyle compatibility: 

  • Volume Weft Extensions are ideal for those seeking maximum coverage and able to attend maintenance appointments every four weeks ($100-$150) 
  • I-Tip extensions enables 360-degree movement and is great for updos and a variety of hairstyles! Move up maintenance appointments are needed every six to eight weeks.
  • Keratin tip extensions are an excellent option for people with busy, active lifestyles because these extensions require minimal maintenance, and a full removal and new application is only necessary every four to six months.

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How to Choose The Right Extensions

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